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Stunning Transformations

Lake house, deck, and porch renovated at Governors Island. VIEW

National Award Winning Helicopter Project

This renovation and new construction was a one of kind project, the first and only in the state of North... VIEW

Berkeley Ave Kitchen Renovation


National Master Builder Award-Winning Attic to Bath Conversion

This attic space was renovated and expanded to accommodate a master bath, bedroom, and media room. VIEW

Chrysalis National Kitchen Renovation Award

The homeowners desired an enlarged, contemporary style, multi-functional kitchen space to bridge the gap between the traditional and modern architectural... VIEW

Expertise. Knowledge. Design. Craftsmanship. Experience. Award Winning.

Installling 3 intersecting steel beams in an interior space requires expert job knowledge and experience. VIEW

National Master Builder Award

Dilworth United Methodist Church - Historical Renovation and Commercial Builder National Awards VIEW

National Historical Renovation Award

National Historical Residential Award-Winning renovation in Pinehurst, NC - Historical Tuft Residence VIEW



12/31 Unique Storage Concepts View
12/31 National Award Winning Historic Restoration - Dilworth United Methodist Church View
12/31 Myers Park Addition with Screened Porch and Patio Area - Outdoor Living View
12/31 Southpark Total Home Renovation - Kitchen, Master Bathroom, and Outdoor Living View
12/31 Custom Exterior Doors View
12/31 Myers Park Contemporary Kitchen - Featured on the cover of Kitchen and Bath Magazine View
12/31 Foxcroft Master Bathroom View
12/31 Custom Interior Trim View
12/31 SouthPark Kitchen View
12/31 Expertise. Knowledge. Engineering. Design. Ability. Craftsmanship. View
12/31 Stunning Deck and Porch Addition View
12/31 Dilworth Award Winning Historical and Insurance Restoration Project View
12/31 National Master Builder Award-Winning Attic to Bath Conversion View
12/31 NC Remodeler of the Year Design Build Projects View
12/31 Dilworth United Methodist Exterior Renovation View
12/31 North Harbor Club Restaurant Renovation View
12/31 Old Well-House Building Conversion View
12/31 1719 South Boulevard Commercial Renovation View
12/31 Historic Tuft Residence - Pinehurst, NC View
12/31 Reviving a Dilworth Beauty - Historical Dilworth Landmark House View
12/31 Historical Project Publications View
12/31 Roofing Hail Damage View
12/31 Roofing Insurance Projects View
12/31 Berkeley Ave Kitchen Renovation View
12/18 Custom Wood Working View
01/01 Myers Park Garage and Poolhouse - Outdoor Living View
01/01 Plaza Midwood Screened-In Porch with Stone Fireplace - Outdoor Living View
08/31 Pressure washing View
09/01 Craw Space Vapor Barrier View
09/01 Gutter Cleaning View

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